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We Can Fix Your Gilbert, AZ Air Conditioning For Your Car


 Is your car blowing out hot air? If the answer to this question is yes please continue to read on. Because we are automobile Gilbert, AZ air conditioning pros we can get your car’s air conditioning back up and operational for you. Being in AZ we have a lot of knowledge when it comes to your vehicle’s air conditioning. No one wants to travel around in a car that is super-hot during a very super-hot summer. It would be very uncomfortable, steamy hot, and sticky for the driver and all passengers in the car. This doesn't have to be. Give us a call. We can examine your car’s Gilbert, AZ air conditioning to find the problem for you and correct it.

The normal functioning of car air conditioning is to assist in removing the heat and humidity from the passenger compartment that is in the car. The air conditioning in a car is powered by a belt and it is this belt that helps the air conditioning compressor to compress the refrigerant. The refrigerant is then pressurized properly and then pumped into the system. The refrigerant is then pushed through a valve. This valve is where pressure and temperature are then lessened. The refrigerant is made very cold while it is in this valve then it is disbursed via the evaporator and goes into the passenger compartment of the vehicle. This is the normal functioning of what air conditioning is all about. However, when there is an issue with it and there is nothing but hot air blowing out it is something that must be looked at by a car air conditioning expert. We have not only the experience, but also the knowledge.

We Can Fix Your Gilbert, AZ Air Conditioning For Your Car


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