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Ways To Keep Your Car Air Conditioning Working in Mesa, AZ


 At some point, your car’s Mesa, AZ air conditioning unit will malfunction or stop working altogether. When you first notice any signs of a problem, you should take your car to a reliable automotive repair like ours for servicing.

There are various signs that signal a problem. If there is not any air coming from the air vents, the cooling system has most likely malfunctioned. It could be the switch that is used to turn on the air, a blown fuse or it could be a problem with the thermostat. To be sure, have your car’s air conditioner inspected at our established auto repair shop.

Another sign that indicates trouble with your Mesa, AZ air conditioning system is warm, hot or fluctuating air temperatures blowing from the vents. Most likely this is due to leaking antifreeze. Have this checked right away because leaking coolant can damage your engine and can cause other problems.

Unusual or odd sounds or noises that are heard when you turn on the air conditioner also points to a problem. Typically, loud noises occur when the compressor fails to work properly or if one or more of the belts that holds the compressor in place is broken, twisted or has slipped off. A broken or slipped belt can stop the flow of air, so it is best to have odd noises checked right away.

Musty odors that come from the air vents when the air conditioner is turned also points to a problem with the cooling system. Generally, smells that come from the air vents means that mold and mildew has built up in the unit’s evaporator. To get rid of the smells, the coolant will need to be flushed and replaced.

To keep your car’s cooling system functioning, call our reputable automotive repair shop to make an appointment to have your air conditioning unit inspected.

Ways To Keep Your Mesa, AZ Air Conditioning Working


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