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Our Prescott, AZ oil change service


Our Prescott, AZ Oil Change Service

A regular oil change is one of the most important pieces of maintenance that can be carried out on a car. Although Prescott, AZ oil changes are recommended every 10,000 miles, if you do not achieve this mileage then we still advise that you have your oil changed every 12 months. Many people choose to have this carried out as part of their annual service as this ensures that the engine is kept in a good condition and that it runs well.

Another advantage of having a regular Prescott, AZ oil change is that it gives the mechanic a chance to have a look at your engine as a whole and pick up any potential problems that may be developing. Any fault in the engine will get worse if it goes undetected and in some cases the damage to the engine would be so severe that it could write the car off. Our mechanics will check out your engine while they are changing the oil and if they discover any issues that need attention, they will bring it to your attention immediately. When the oil is changed, it also gives the mechanic to check the underside of the car to see if there may be any problems developing here.

We offer a complete Prescott, AZ oil change service which also includes a change of filter. You can be sure that we only use the highest quality oil and will dispose of the old oil responsibly. Changing your oil can be carried out while you wait, or if you prefer you can leave your car with us and collect it at your earliest convenience. Contact us today to find out more about our oil and filter change service and what we can do for you.

Our Prescott, AZ Oil Change Service


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