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Our Hard Working Gilbert, AZ Mechanics


 A while ago, people were writing off the hometown auto repair business with its staff of hard-working Gilbert, AZ mechanics supervised by a "hands-on" owner who not only took the time to know your car, but you as well. Not so fast. The privately owned shop never went totally extinct, and now it's making a much deserved and welcome comeback.

In an age where automobiles are as much computer as they are car, it's hard to abandon the slick dealership with all its high-tech diagnostics in favor of a private shop. But the truth is we have to have all that high tech gear as well, or we couldn't stay in business, much less get licensed. And our Gilbert, AZ mechanics have to be just as tech savvy, maybe even more so, since they work on a wide range of makes rather than one or two. You know how it goes at a dealership. You take your car in for a minor tune-up. A while later, a "consultant" appears with an ominously long, computer-generated printout of potential problems. But not to worry, just sign on the dotted line, prepare to spend more than originally estimated and they'll get right on it. And if you're brave enough to ask a few questions such as "Is this really necessary?" or "Why does that thingamajig cost so much?", you're rewarded with an answer that indicates you have less judgment than a pet rock. So you sign and pay because you're too scared and embarrassed not to. At my shop, we're there to help, not intimidate you. We don't expect you to have any automotive expertise. That's what we're there for. You can see the mechanic who is working on your car. You can ask him questions. You can ask me questions. We want you to come back to us not because you have to, but because you want to.

Our Hard Working Gilbert, AZ Mechanics


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