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Common Signs Of A Problem With Your Prescott, AZ Brakes


 One of the most important things to do to keep your car in good working order is to check your Prescott, AZ brakes often for signs of trouble. A faulty or defective braking system can cause accidents and can be deadly.

A common sign to look for is a flashing or glowing brake warning light flashing in the dashboard. When the warning light appears, it is almost always an indication that there is a problem that should be attended to as soon as possible.

If the car owner notices that it is hard or difficult to bring their car to a complete stop after applying the brake pedal, it could be due to leaking brake fluid or it could mean that there is trouble with the master cylinder or with the hydraulic system. Car owners who are having trouble with their brake pedal are urged to visit a reputable automotive repair shop like ours if they notice a problem with the brake pedal.

Throbbing or quivering sensations felt in the steering wheel or during braking also signal that there is a problem. Typically, when drivers who observe a vibration or pulsation during braking or while holding the steering wheel, your car’s Prescott, AZ brakes are in need of repair or may need to be replaced.

Burning odors also are a sign of a problem. It is more than likely if burning smells are noticed that the brake pads are worn, which could become a very dangerous situation if the problem is not corrected right away. If strong burning odors are observed, it is best to have your vehicle checked at an established automotive repair shop like ours.

Another sign that should never be ignored are loud sounds such as grinding or squeaking noises. Generally, these sounds indicate that the rotors or brake pads have become worn and need replacing.

If any signs of brake trouble are observed, car owners are advised to bring their car to our reliable automotive repair shop to have their Prescott, AZ brakes inspected.

Common Signs Of A Problem With Your Prescott, AZ Brakes


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