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Apache Junction, AZ Mercedes service center


Apache Junction, AZ Mercedes Service Center

There are people in our community who have had economic success over the years. They put their excess money into buying luxury cars, that somehow they believe should be serviced at a Apache Junction, AZ Mercedes dealership. When our customers owned the "cheaper" cars they were content to come to our repair shop to get work done on their automobiles.

This fact should not change. With the highly trained mechanics we have on payroll, we can handle the mechanical issues of ANY car. We have access to the specific factory authorized parts, and Apache Junction, AZ Mercedes, while a more expensive car still has the same basic equipment as any other car.

All cars can have issues with steering, brakes, engine performance, and tires. All cars need regular tuneups and oil changes to keep them in proper shape. The only real difference between dealerships and auto repair shop is the hourly rate we charge. While dealerships can and do charge over $175.00 per labor hour, we will charge under $100.00 for the same labor hour. And when you consider the amount of time some cars spend in the repair shop, this differential in labor hours does add up.

 We will only do the required work, not extra work just to pad our invoice. Since we have been in business over a decade, we have a reputation to live up to. We stand by our work, and will redo it if you are not completely satisfied with the quality, at no additional cost to you. Your satisfaction is very important to our business. Please feel free to make any comments that will help us serve you better.

Apache Junction, AZ Mercedes Service Center


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